Exposure monitoring

VITO helps employers assess worker exposure to nanomaterials, recommends effective controls, checks the effectiveness of measures and manages employee health risks.

Our solution

Assessment of exposure to airborne nanomaterials is performed by a pragmatic, tiered approach.

State-of-the-art equipment for physicochemical characterisation of nano-aerosols

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Step 1 Potential for nanoparticle exposure

Information gathering (desk & walkthrough survey):

  • Nanomaterials involved
  • Process & maintenance
  • Workers tasks
  • Sources of incidental/process particle emission
  • Exposure controls
  • Ventilation

Screening measurements

Easy-to-use instruments to identify points of particle emission

Evidence of exposure

Step 2 Basic exposure measurements

  • Limited number of user-friendly instruments
  • Characterization emission source during activity
  • Background levels
  • Sampling and chemical analysis

Concentration level significantly increased over background

Step 3 Comprehensive exposure measurements

  • Collection of particles for physico-chemical characterization
  • Real time measurements with sophisticated  instruments (particle number, size, surface area, mass )

Take additional risk management measures to mitigate exposure (precautionary principle)


Nano aerosol exposure assessment in occupational settings

  • Source identification
  • Determination of worker exposure in occupational settings
  • Contribution to safe innovation (Exposure scenario's, exposure Measurements, Risk Management Measures)
  • Implement Control Banding Tools

Our expert

Evelien Frijns, MSc

Research Scientist
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