Health and Safety

Nanomaterials have many beneficial properties. But there are also large gaps in our knowledge about the health hazards they pose.

VITO helps manage these risks:

  • We provide independent advice to comply with regulations.
  • We identify nanomaterials, their emission sources and exposure levels, protect health, manage risk, and support innovation with nanomaterials.

Analytical instruments that help characterise nanomaterials

VITO helps employers assess worker exposure to nanomaterials, recommends effective controls, checks the effectiveness of measures and manages employee health risks.

VITO can offer expertise in animal-free methods for inhalation testing. VITO has an Air-Liquid Interface (ALI) platform with three ALI exposure modules: two commercial systems for bronchial studies and one in-house developed system for lower airway studies. The ALI platform can be used for screening of human health impact of e.g.

VITO provides risk management services for those involved in the production, importation, and use of chemicals and products.

Nanoparticles have been implemented more frequently in commercial products. During the life cycle of these products, nanoparticle release can be caused by actions such as folding, breaking, drilling, cutting, sanding etc. At VITO we assess the safety of these products by simulating treatments in our particle-free test chambers combined with aerosol measurements.