VITO characterises their occurrence in and impact on humans and their environment

VITO has significant nanomaterial expertise and is a valuable support to commercial development of novel, safe materials and products. We are active in the field of nanosafety through characterizing exposure scenarios, evaluation of environmental and human health impact and risk assessment in support of safe nanomaterial design along the life cycle. Also interdisciplinary research dedicated to develop quantitative bionanoscience for consumer safety and nanodiagnostic applications is performed. With respect to nanomaterials themselves, VITO developed an electrochemical based production method and formulated 3D printed nanoparticle-bearing systems for chemistry and energy applications. VITO has also built up knowledge to modify nanomaterial properties through cold plasma treatment of powders. To support all the above activities, a wide range of characterization and measurement techniques are available in-house. 

Recent projects and references


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